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[font_size font_size="28px" line_height="34px" id="value_here"]WHENEVER YOU TAKE ON A NEW CONSTRUCTION PROJECT YOU WANT TO ADD VALUE TO YOUR PROPERTY.[/font_size]

[font_size font_size="16px" line_height="26px"]Whether it's increasing the value, improving productivity, comfort, or making your investment last longer, there are a 4 things that play an important role to ensure you get the most value out of your Grand Project. [/font_size]

[gap height="50" /] [box_container columns="2" version="v1" animate="no"][box target="_self _blank" title="EXPAND." icon="expand" icon_color="" icon_back_color="#c5332b"]Increasing the useable space in your property is a great way to add value, especially in your home. Investing your money in the space that is already there, whether converting a loft or basement, or extending into the garden area, creates valuable new living space that not only makes life more comfortable but increases the value of your property.[/box][box target="_self _blank" title="EFFICIENT SPACES." icon="arrows-alt" icon_color="" icon_back_color="#c5332b"]If you are renovating an existing building or looking to add value to your business premises, you need to stretch what can be achieved with your money. Using an architect to redesign your existing space allows you to create purposeful and efficient spaces. Maximise every square metre that you have available, and create a working environment that is purposeful and increases the productivity of your team. So think creatively to get the best return from your investment.[/box][box target="_self _blank" title="WORKMANSHIP." icon="wrench" icon_color="" icon_back_color="#c5332b"]Getting the right people to do a great job is essential to any project. High quality workmanship so that your construction work is completed to a standard that adds value to your property. Using experienced specialists your project will avoid added expense through unnecessary delays and problems that could have been anticipated. You can also be more confident that the quality workmanship means it is built to last, protecting your investment for longer.[/box][box target="_self _blank" title="VISUAL APPEAL." icon="camera" icon_color="" icon_back_color="#c5332b"]There is little doubt that buildings that look great are more valuable. When renovating your home, think about adding a greater visual appeal to your property by transforming the high-impact rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen. Typically, a new kitchen will add around 4% to the value of your property, and a new bathroom around 2%. So invest in new modern fittings and high quality surfaces that look and feel great to not only add financial value but comfort to your property. [/box][/box_container]

[font_size font_size="28px" line_height="34px"]DONE ONCE. DONE RIGHT.[/font_size]

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